Access Control

Security Turnstiles - Access Control Systems and Solutions in Yorkshire, UK


Working directly with a leading manufacturer of security turnstiles, we offer a wide and varied range ideally suited for most external and internal applications.


Access securityThere are a range of access security products available, from half height turnstiles, typically used in libraries and sports centres, through to full height turnstiles for industrial or stadia applications.

Our security turnstiles offer class leading rugged reliability and durability for the most demanding of environments.

All turnstiles are designed and manufactured to the highest specification, using top quality components and materials to ensure on going robust, reliable pedestrian control.

The Turnstile is smooth and quiet during operation and being 100% Duty Cycle Rated offers continuous operation for heavy foot traffic environments.

We also offer a complete range of security turnstile service and maintenance contracts.

Access control solutions

Door access systems

Means of access
Today, Biometric readers are becoming a more and more prevalent door access control solutions. Unfortunately, not all biometric door access controls and systems are accurate which causes aggravation to the users, we only uses the best access control solutions on the market to ensure fast and smooth passage.

Door access control
We also use fob or card door access systems which can be a more cost effective solution dependent on quantity of users and level of security required.

Metropolitan can provide access solutions to cover every situation from single point to multi point systems.