Dog Handlers

Professional Dog Handlers, Guard Dogs, Security Dogs and Drug Dogs in Yorkshire, UK


Dog handler and dogProfessional dog handlers with highly trained security dogs make an unbeatable combination.

There are many benefits that a highly skilled dog and handler team can bring to a strategic security operation for example:

Sniffer dogs and drug dogs can use their heightened senses to scent for drugs and hidden persons that would typically be very hard to find. Your common guard dogs can see or hear intruders or hidden persons that would be missed by a security officer.

By displaying controlled aggression and standing its ground, a security dog can protect both the handler and premises at the same time.

The controlled aggression of guard dogs enables suspects to be detained until arrival of law enforcement.

It is said that one specialist security dog with a professional dog handler can be as effective as a team of security officers and is certainly more cost-effective!

A dog and handler are particularly effective in:

Guard dog
- Large open areas
- Areas with restricted views
- Areas of high risk and danger
- Protecting persons from threat
- Protecting property from threat
- Locating drugs, arms and explosives
A majority of dog handlers and associate handlers are members of:
National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers