Site Security

Building & Construction Site Security in Yorkshire, UK


Construction sites are notorious for theft, well stocked with easy saleable goods that are usually easily accessible to both the opportunist and professional thieves alike.

Like all security companies, Metropolitan understand there are many levels of threat and all of these must be taken into consideration to ensure you have right level of security to combat theft and vandalism without over paying for unnecessary security.

Dog handlersLevel One

The ultimate in detection and deterrent for would be thieves on a construction site would be a Dog Handler.
Often when sites have lost control of law and order, and when every other deterrent and means of detection had been used, building sites will call in the Dog Handlers.
Occasionally a building site will require a Dog Handler from the start where:
Large areas need to be covered
The site dynamics constantly change
There is a known threat
Recommended by the Police

Security officers
Level Two

Security officers are a well-known form of site security, often seen as an improvement on CCTV, while occasionally being used in conjunction with CCTV or other services.
The manned services are the traditional means of security on construction sites but unfortunately there are cost implications and where this is a factor electronic means of security would be used.
CCTVLevel Three

Fully operational CCTV systems are fast becoming the replacement for building site Security Officers, mainly due to the price but also due to the massive innovations in CCTV and detection.
A fully operational CCTV system would be able to cover a majority of a site and be responsive to external detection systems. When armed by an intruder on site, the system would trigger the detection and activate the cameras to view the area of intrusion; this would be transmitted through to a monitoring station that would react appropriately.
Level Four

The VidiEye system would be adequate for 90% of construction and building sites. The VidiEye site security system is totally wireless and, when activated, will detect intruders and send a 10 second video clip to a monitoring station who will then react appropriately.
A VidiEye system is less than half the price of a basic CCTV system and a massive saving on manned services.
Signage and contactLevel Five

When the site security risk is low there is little sense in paying for manned services or electronic alternatives. We offer a budget package that gives the image of on-site security with the advantage of a 24/7 contact number in the event of an emergency. We will supply professional security signage to your site or premises which will have a 24/7 contact number.
The above levels are purely as a guide to service.